Ariana Grande Reveals The Real Reason She Always Wears That Ponytail

Courtesy of NBC
The whereabouts of Amelia Earhart. The identity of the Zodiac Killer. What "the pasta" in "it's not about the pasta" from Vanderpump Rules really represents. These are all unsolved mysteries that regularly keep us awake at night, along with: Why does Ariana Grande wear that ponytail all the time?
We've been told it's because her hair was so damaged from her Nickelodeon days that it was the only hairstyle that worked for her. We've been told that she just likes it. It's a mystery so great that it comes with a list of tangled conspiracy theories. And now, we finally know the answer — thanks to a skit on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.
In the segment, the ponytail is revealed to basically be Grande's assistant, picking up the phone for her, autographing an album for a fan, and getting Fallon a drink from the fridge. For the grand finale, the ponytail even fights crime, tripping a guy who just mugged a woman in Fallon's office. (Might want to look into upping that security detail, J?) It's also quite polite, offering a deep-throated "You're welcome" after being thanked by the woman whose purse he just recovered. (Oh and, yes, the ponytail appears to be a man — because feminism.)
Now that this mystery is solved, let's get to the bottom of "the pasta," please.

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