Trader Joe's Releases Ready-To-Drink Cold Brew In Time For The Dog Days Of Summer

If you're one of those people who lives for fall, you're probably already looking forward to the day when it's finally cool enough to switch back to hot coffee. That day is imminent, but it isn't quite here yet so Trader Joe's is bridging that waiting period by providing a new kind of cold brew. Today, the grocery chain announced it's now carrying Ready To Drink Cold Brew Coffee.
Trader Joe's has long sold several different cold brew options including Cold Brew Coffee Bags, nitro cold brew, flavored cold brews, a variety of cold brew concentrates, and single-serve cans of cold brew. The newest addition to TJ's extensive cold brew collection, however, offers several servings but requires no prep. This is especially good for all you hot coffee lovers who don't enjoy the extra step of diluting cold brew concentrate.
The new offering is made by steeping air-roasted and ground Arabica beans from Colombia in cold water for no fewer than 12 hours. According to Trader Joe's, the end result of that long process is coffee that features hints of molasses, walnut, and cocoa.
Though a bottle holds multiple servings like Trader Joe's cold brew concentrates, it does contain significantly fewer servings. While most of the cold brew concentrate bottles offer around 12 servings, the new product offers only three. However, the price point is lower than most of the concentrates at $4.99. Its taste, price, and convenience might just be enough to make you drink cold brew well into autumn.

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