Trader Joe’s Unveils A New Cold Brew That Will Make Your Summer

Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Java fiends, you have a new reason to rejoice. Trader Joe's has just unleashed their new coconut cold brew onto the world. Yes, coconut-flavored coffee is available at your local TJ's, and because they love us, it's also only $4.99 for a 16 oz bottle. That, according to the low-cost grocer, is enough to make four small cups of coffee without waiting.
Cold brew coffee is delicious for a very specific reason: the cold water doesn't cause acids to leach out of the grounds, so you taste a lot more of the fruit flavors in each cup. The result is a much smoother taste than your average cup of iced coffee. It's also annoyingly laborious to make — an average batch takes around 24 hours to brew fully, which means you can't exactly drink it on demand. Trader Joe's has solved that dilemma for us, so we can get our chilled caffeine fix when we need it. Their coconut cold brew is also a concentrate, meaning it'll take a tiny bit of prep before you can drink the beverage. As per their instructions, "mix one part Coconut Cold Brew Concentrate with two parts water or milk, and pour over ice for a lush, tropical hot weather treat." TJ's also suggest freezing into ice cubes for your normal iced coffees, which sounds equally appealing.We're also thinking of enjoying this summer treat with a dark chocolate ice cream for pure mocha bliss.
Trader Joe's coconut cold brew is only available for the summer, and at a price this good, you'll want to cop several bottles of this life-giving coffee. So this is what they mean by cracking open a cold one with your pals.

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