Joe Keery, Chance The Rapper & Zazie Beetz Are In A Movie About A Haunted Pizza Joint

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It may not feel like it, but fall is just a month away. For some, that means drinking copious amounts of PSLs and bundling up in chunky sweaters, but for horror fans it marks the beginning of new thrills (and more than a few sleepless nights). Well, scream queens, we've got great news for you because A24 just released a trailer for its latest horror film, Slice, which stars Joe Keery, Chance the Rapper, and Zazie Beetz.
Unlike some of A24's other films in the genre (Hereditary, The Witch), Slice seems to engender everything we love about a good, campy slasher flick: unexplainable murders, a portal to hell, and enough throat slashing to make even the thirstiest vampire squeamish.
The film takes place in the fictional town of Kingfisher, which proudly sells itself as "a great place to be alive." Like many small town slogans, this one doesn't particularly fulfill its promise — especially after two local pizza delivery boys are murdered on the job. There's something strange going on in Kingfisher's local pizza joint, and it's not just the special sauce.
The shocking killings prompt two Perfect Pizza employees, Astrid (Zazie Beetz) and Dax (Chance the Rapper), and local reporter Jackson (Joe Keery) to go on a hunt for the killer. The only problem? Their killer might actually be a werewolf who made his way into town via a portal to hell found in the pizza shop.
From the looks of things, Slice is the perfect combination of Ghost Busters and Stranger Things, featuring oodles of cheesy references and '80s-inspired visual effects. The film is directed by Austin Vesely, who has worked extensively with Chance the Rapper in the past on music videos for "Sunday Candy" and "Angels." Vesely also stars in the film as one of the murdered pizza boys, Sean. (You can see his unfortunate fate transpire in the trailer above).
Actors Paul Scheer, Katherine Cunningham, Y'lan Noel, and Rae Gray also appear in the slasher. Though we don't have a set release date, Slice is expected to be delivered, hot and ready, to theaters later this year.

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