The Annoying Thing That Is Ruining Hereditary For Everyone

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Did clucking from anonymous audience members ruin your Hereditary screening? Milly Shapiro's Charlie Graham will not have any of that.
Thanks to a brand-new public service announcement, we know where Charlie stands on the clucking issue, and she's about as unhappy about it as irritated audience members (read: me) were.
Posted on the official YouTube page for Alamo Drafthouse, Charlie warns fans who do not abide by her rules. It's quite simple, really.
"Don't talk. Don't text. And, especially... don't cluck."
This is one kid who really has her head on straight, right?
Check out the PSA below:
This post was originally published on June 12, 2018.
Ari Aster's Hereditary is a film that revels in its quiet moments, and for good reason: They are some of the most terrifying. In fact, quite a few moments of silence allow the audience to look a little closer at the picture onscreen, only to identify the true horror hiding within it.
Unfortunately, some audience members have decided to create their own soundtrack to the film, and it might be the one thing that ruins Hereditary for everyone. People: enough with the clucking.
(If you haven't seen Hereditary yet because you decided you actually liked sleeping nightmare-free, spoilers follow. And if you have seen it, well, you know what I'm talking about, and I'm very sorry.)
The "clucking" sound, which is also heard in many of Hereditary's haunting promotional trailers, comes via Milly Shapiro's character. Charlie is a rather strange 13-year-old who cuts off pigeon's heads and plays fast and loose with her nut allergy. (The latter of which somewhat leads to her gruesome death, though definitely not in the way you might expect.)
She also makes a rather specific clucking sound, which, though not explained, is likely a tick of some kind. Or, you know... something the demonic spirit of Paimon is making her do.
It's unsettling when Charlie does it. It's especially creepy when, after Charlie dies, we hear the clucking sound coming from nothing.
But you know when it's not scary? When audience members do it during every single silent moment of the film.
I was warned this may happen prior to seeing the film, and it did. And, apparently, I was hardly alone.
If you saw A Quiet Place, you know how frustrating it was to hear crinkling of snack bags and chewing of popcorn when the characters on screen had to be the utmost silent. Here, however, there's absolutely zero excuse. You need to finish your SnoCaps because you paid $6 for the box. You do not need to be annoying and cluck when director Aster specifically chose not to put any clucking at that particular moment.
Of course, the only thing worse than hearing clucking during Hereditary is having your boyfriend wake you up out of a sound slumber by making that same noise. I'm not saying that the clucking in Hereditary is ruining my life, but also... just STOP, people!!!!

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