Dr. Pimple Popper Digs Deep For This Oozing Ear Extraction

photographed by Ana Larruy; art direction by Meg O'Donnell; produced by Meg O'Donnell.
Popaholics, we suggest you excuse yourself from your afternoon meeting — say you have to grab a coffee or something — and find yourself a quiet corner, open your Youtube app, and tune into seven minutes of some grade-A Dr. Pimple Popper gold.
Just when we thought we'd have to take a brief hiatus after the finale of Dr. Pimple Popper's TV series on TLC (which we definitely recommend watching if you haven't caught up on all six episodes), Dr. Sandra Lee, MD, blessed us with the next best thing: a satisfying montage of back blackheads, plus one massive inner ear cyst extraction on her YouTube channel. The 10-minute video features the kind of extractions that spew long and stiff mounds of pus — and for all you fanatics, it's exactly what the doctor ordered on your hump day.
Whether you're a loyal Dr. Pimple Popper subscriber, with notifications and everything, or an extraction newbie, the newest addition to the channel is going to hit the spot for you. Because there's something about oozing blackheads that you just can't look away from. Yes, they're gross, but there's also something strangely soothing about watching an almost-undetectable, teensy black pore that's hiding in an oily crevice explode with a mountain of yellowish, stringy pus. Well, it really depends on your definition of soothing.
And unlike Dr. Lee's other videos, which showcase huge, bowling ball-sized neck cysts that she plops onto the operating table, you have no idea of what's going to come out of these teensy buggers. But if you can get friendly with a little innocent white pus, it's easy to enjoy the outpour without totally losing your lunch.

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