It Really Sounds Like Becca K. Is Going To Break Bachelorette Protocol Tonight

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
We thought The Bachelor finale had the most untraditional ending in the franchise's history, but it sounds like Bachelorette Becca Kufrin could be doing some tradition-breaking of her own. Tonight, our jilted Minnesotan finds love again in the form of either Garrett or Blake. We won't know until one of them "bends the knee" on tonight's Bachelorette finale, as Kufrin joked on Instagram, but a comment from Chris Harrison has us wondering if the roles are about to be reversed.
"It's gut wrenching. It's absolutely gut wrenching, what happened in the Maldives, it's beautiful and it's brutal at the same time," Harrison told Entertainment Tonight about the finale. "What Arie fell into, Becca did too. She's in love with two men, Blake and Garrett, and she's making an impossible choice and it literally brings her to her knees."
Brings her to her knees. Is Kufrin going to be the one doing the proposing tonight? Typically, The Bachelorette finale still ends with the man proposing to the woman, but Kufrin being one of the more openly progressive leading ladies of the show, it wouldn't be surprising if she took matters into her own hands.
This also would be in line with what we see her family say in the teaser for tonight's event. Kufrin's mom emphasized the importance of her choosing an equal partner, noticing that "Blake, for some reason right when he came in seemed more like equal, on your level."
Plus, there's the fact that Kufrin has always been a go-getter, repeatedly reminding us to "do the damn thing." What a triumph to emerge after heartbreak not only in love again, but in charge of your story.
Obviously, it's not who proposes to who that's important, but rather that Kufrin has found someone to make her happy. However, if she wanted to make me happy, then giving the world a GIF of her bending down on one knee would do it.
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