The Best Podcasts For Deep Dives Into Cults, From Notorious To Obscure

Not long after watching Wild Wild Country on Netflix, I took a journey into an allegedly cult-like organization I hadn't known existed. Instead of documentary form, though, this journey was facilitated via podcast. So, while I was putting on makeup in the morning, I was also listening to charismatic leader Teal Swan describe how she stays in touch with followers. While I was walking to the train, I was also listening to people who lived with Swan in a spiritual center in Costa Rica. Thanks to The Gateway podcast, my daily life was sprinkled with a shimmer of the extreme.
The Gateway is hardly the only podcast that delivers an embellished, investigative analysis of a cult. The genre of cult podcasts is well its way to becoming a thing. So, we've rounded up the best podcast series or podcast episodes about cults and extreme religious organizations. Give these a listen.

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