Beyoncé's Magical Braid Is Back — & Fans Are Going APES**T

Not sure if you're aware, but we're currently knee-deep in Beyoncé season. She's got new music, new choreography, and is reportedly on the cover of Anna Wintour's last September issue of Vogue. And to top it all off, the braid is back. No, no, silly — we're not just talking about a trendy DNA-shaped plait, or a lowly three-strand creation. The look is better described as, "The braid that has its own hair-ography," according to her hairstylist, Neal Farinah. I mean, just watch it move:

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Exactly. Aside from likely using featherlight hair extensions, the braid's mobility stems from the fact that Farinah prefers to use minimal product. "The thing people don’t understand is that when you start using a million products, you confine the hair," he told Elle earlier this month. "I think hair should be beautiful, blown, carefree, and magical. That's the thing about me versus other stylists: They use too much products. You restrict the hair from what it’s supposed to do in these natural stages."
Whatever magic — and obvious artistry — that the braid possesses, it hasn't gone unnoticed by the Beyhive. "The EXTRANESS really jumps out whenever she has a braid and IM LIVING," one fan account tweeted. "You give this girl a braid and she ain’t know how to act right," another added. See more of their musings ahead, and let the spirit of The Braid power the rest of your day.

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