DNA Braids Are Taking Over Instagram & They're Perfect For Festival Season

If you're the designated hairdresser of your friendship group, blessed with the ability to do French plaits, fishtail braids and pipe braids, you're about to start getting requests for the latest hair trend sweeping Instagram.
DNA braids, or helix braids, are so called because they resemble the double helix structure of a DNA molecule with two strands that wind around each other like a twisted ladder. They look as intricate as they sound – but thankfully an online video tutorial has helped demystify the process.
Rhode Island-based hairstylist Alexandra Wilson (@alexandralee1016 on Instagram) popularised the style on social media and has made the braid accessible (to even the hair novices among us) with a super handy sped-up video, although it would probably take a while to nail the technique.
To create a DNA braid, she writes on Instagram, you need to start with three strands of hair, the middle one being smaller then the others as this acts as a stationary strand.
"When taking a strand from left side you are going over that section, under the middle and adding to right side then taking a small section from right side is then brought under and then over the middle section and added to left section," she adds. Granted, it sounds complicated but it makes more sense when read in conjunction with the video.
The braid naturally starts to twist leftwards, so you have to keep the braiding tight for optimal results, Wilson says. "Small sections are always better, they make the braid look more intricate."
Judging from the posts hashtagged #dnabraids on Instagram, the style looks especially impressive on hair that's brightly or multicoloured, highlighted or balayaged, and particularly cute when styled in pigtails.

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If you've had enough of space buns or aren't brave enough for rainbow hair this festival season, why not set aside an hour (or five) to perfect your DNA braiding technique? (Or just beg your friend to do it.)

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