DJ Khaled — & His Son — Are Coming For Song Of The Summer

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If you’re in need of some ear candy, DJ Khaled dropped a new single just for you. “No Brainer” reunites Khaled with last summer’s “I’m the One” collaborators Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper, and Quavo. Hilariously, the song clocks in at exactly four minutes and 20 seconds, so you can imagine the team might suggest listening to it while...chilling out.
In classic summer hit form, “No Brainer” keeps things light and fun. It’s a confectionary treat with something for everyone, from Bieber’s melodic voice lauding compliments at the song’s ambiguous romantic interest to Chance’s memorable one-liners like, “I keep it Ben Franklin, I’m not gonna change.” Like candy, it also doesn’t have much any substance. There’s no storyline, nothing remarkable about the music arrangement, not even a real theme to the lyrics. That I’ll nod my head rhythmically instead of changing the station when it pops on the radio is a true testament to the collab’s charisma.
“No Brainer” is part of Khaled’s upcoming album Father of Ashad, which the curly-headed toddler Asahd Tuck Khaled is credited with executive producing. The music video, directed by Colin Tilley, is meta, taking place on the set of a fake music video. It points out the fake fun of Hollywood with larger than life set pieces and obvious product placement for various liquors. On the other side of the camera is the stars’ “real life,” and sometimes the two mesh together, with Khaled running to set props behind nearly-naked women before shooting and Asahd snuggling on Justin Bieber’s lap in a director’s chair while Daddy Khaled faux directs.
If the music video had presented a wild L.A. club in earnest with a one-year-old there, eyebrows would be raised. Instead, the music video uses bright colors and a cotton candy sky to present a harmless, kid-friendly version of Hollywood.The premise is a genius move for Khaled, who has been branding himself a family man since the birth of his son nearly two years ago.
The father-son goals also steal the show in a new Apple Music ad featuring Asahd (hilariously voiced by Kevin Hart) fighting with his father over business matters. It’s almost too adorable to stand, and if DJ Khaled is trying to regain my favor after admitting he doesn’t go down on his wife, well, it’s working.

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