Karlie Kloss & Josh Kushner's Wedding Might Just Have The Weirdest Guest List Of All Time

Photo: Angela Pham/BFA/Shutterstock.
It's truly the summer of love, and Karlie Kloss and Josh Kushner have decided to get on board. The longtime couple announced their engagement on social media today, almost (but not quite) overshadowing the news that Ivanka Trump — Kloss's soon-to-be sister in law — was shutting down her fashion company. Speaking of, this brings Kloss one step closer to the Trump family in the White House, a cloud that has followed her relationship with Kushner and that she's avoided addressing in previous interviews.
"It's not like I've ever wanted to be so secretive about my private life. Carolina Herrera always says, 'A woman who's an open book is boring,'" she explained in an interview with Porter Magazine, Net-A-Porter's editorial site. "There's no mystery anymore. I know in my life what really matters to me. I'm not trying to hide that from the world; I just really like having a more private private life. I've got nothing to hide, though!"
But that's what makes this wedding so fascinating. Almost as soon as fans started picturing the wedding, they couldn't help but picture the wedding guests. Kloss's progressive and left-leaning squad combined with Kushner's Trump ties (thanks to brother Jared's marriage to Ivanka Trump) could lead to some pretty awkward small talks at their designated tables. Instead of a bride's side and groom's side, is it just going to be GOP versus models? There's a high possibility the seating chart could look a little something like this:
Table One:
Gigi Hadid
Taylor Swift
Ashley Graham
Eric Trump???
Table Two:
Serena Williams
Cara Delevingne
Ivanka Trump??
Jared Kushner??
Table Three:
A bunch of girls who just learned how to code
Barron Trump???
Then of course there's Donald Trump, who would presumably have more important things to do than attend the wedding of his son-in-law's brother, but then again, if Barron's there, then that means Melania might come along, and before you know it, the whole Trump brood is there.

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