A Brief Summary Of The Bachelorette's Becca, Tia & Colton Love Triangle

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Tia Booth, Becca Kufrin, and Colton Underwood find themselves in a frustrating pickle. They're in a love triangle, but there's no enmity between the three of them. Instead, there's a lot of enmity at them, as fans of The Bachelorette hiss and roar at Booth for "interrupting" the blissful union between Underwood and Kufrin.
Underwood has always been a source of controversy in Bachelor Nation. He arrived on the show in May as a former NFL player and a semi-celebrity. He'd dated the Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman in 2016, which made him at least a little recognizable. In the second episode of the show, Underwood revealed that he'd also dated Booth, a friend of Kufrin's and a former Bachelor contestant. This is where things get messy.
Booth and Underwood met in January of 2018, right as the Bachelor started airing. According to Underwood, they saw each other for a sum total of one weekend.
"It makes me feel a little bit sick," Kufrin told Underwood after he revealed this fun fact. Ultimately, she forgave him, probably because she's attracted to him.
In a later episode, Booth corroborated this story, telling Kufrin that she and Underwood only kissed. (Underwood is a 26-year-old virgin, something the show is really enjoying pointing out.) They ceased contact when Underwood revealed that he was going on the show. Evidence suggests that he thought Booth would be the next Bachelorette. In fact, many of us thought she'd be next, but Kufrin swooped in the moment Arie Luyendyk Jr. dumped her on national TV.
Then, weeks before Underwood left The Bachelorette, photographs of himself and Booth canoodling in Mexico surfaced. Fellow Bachelor contestant Bekah Martinez quickly called them out for it on Twitter. The photo suggested Underwood and Booth would couple up on Bachelor in Paradise. Nothing really came of the photo, though, because Underwood was still on The Bachelorette. Plus, both he and Booth were in Mexico filming BIP.
Then. On Monday night's episode of The Bachelorette, Booth resurfaced. She revealed to Kufrin that she still had feelings for Underwood.
"When I think about Colton, if I'm being honest with myself, I do feel like I still have feelings for Colton," Booth said, stammering a little.
Ultimately, this snafu sent Underwood home. He left the show just after his hometown and, what would you know, he's heading to Paradise. Everything has settled, and, for the most part, Booth, Underwood, and Kufrin aren't upset. Kufrin is engaged to one of the men from her show, and Booth presumably exercised her feelings for Underwood in Paradise.
The only trouble, then, is with the fanbase, who is upset with Booth for "ruining" Kufrin's chances with Underwood. This prompted Booth to turn off story replies on her Instagram, and Kufrin to release a statement on Booth's behalf.
"To those who have been bashing Tia, please take a moment to reflect on how it would feel if someone said such hurtful things to you or a friend of yours," Kufrin wrote in a statement on her Instagram story. She added, "Yes, we are still friends and my friendships are one of the things I hold most dear. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but that shouldn't allow for people to vocalize such hatred when it's not warranted."
Booth shared on an Instagram story today that she's "still here" despite all the comments from fans. After all, she has BiP to promote.

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