Friday The 13th Will Be A Hotbed Of Astrological Activity — Should We All Just Stay Home?

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If you haven't read your horoscope, glanced at a calendar, or checked the witchier corners of Twitter recently, you're probably under the impression that this week will end quietly. Unfortunately, tonight and tomorrow will see a rather noisy collision of events indeed.
In addition to the new moon tonight and the solar eclipse tomorrow, we'll also close out this week with Friday the 13th — ah yes, that old chestnut. This is, inarguably, a lot of stuff to happen in the matter of 24-ish hours — and the rumors of mass misfortune are already starting to swirl — but it probably won't be as gloomy as it sounds.
We already know that people with ties to the spiritual realm, from astrologers to numerologists, take little to no stock in the superstitions surrounding Friday the 13th. "[It's] just a random date," astrologer Luke Dani Blue tells us — nothing more than that. Of course, if you want to lean into this date's spooky reputation and spend the night indoors, marathoning horror movies, that's totally fine. The moon will still be mostly dark (and, thus, invisible), so a night in will actually be in line with Friday's lunar energy.
If you really can't shake the idea that Friday the 13th is intrinsically linked to bad luck, take comfort in knowing that it'll coincide with the partial solar eclipse this time around. According to astrologer and psychic medium Natalia Kuna's site, solar eclipses (whether they're total or partial) can usher in periods of change or upheaval, but they usually have a net positive effect on our lives. So, even if you get stuck on a delayed train or stub the same toe multiple times on Friday, you're probably going to finish the day on a high note — or at least not a terribly low one.
Besides, for all the seemingly ominous activity headed our way this week, we ought to make the most of our current astrological situation. It'll only get more intense from here — and that's putting it mildly. Between Mercury retrograde starting on July 26 and Uranus retrograde starting on August 7, we'll have much bigger fish to fry in a matter of mere weeks.
And if you really want to get up in arms over a simple date, there are plenty of other options to choose from.

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