What The Friday The 13th Moon Wants You To Do

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In case you haven't already been anticipating it, tomorrow is Friday the 13th, a day meant to inspire superstitious dread in the public imagination. But, instead of spending the day dodging harbingers of "bad luck" (ladders, black cats, and cracks in the sidewalk come to mind), we suggest you pay attention to the moon.
Following last week's full moon, we're in the midst of its waning phases, in which the illuminated area of the moon diminishes until it's "new," or no longer visible. In spiritual circles, a waning moon is a signal to cleanse, purify, and, to put it bluntly, let go of whatever isn't serving you.
This particular month's waning period is a perfect time to focus your detoxifying efforts toward anything you consider unlucky, according to Tali Edut of the Astrotwins. In other words, stop to consider what's been plaguing you (an argument that ended poorly, a never-ending project at work, even your own thoughts) and ask yourself what you can do to alleviate the dread these things case.
"Sometimes, a lack of luck actually means we’re hanging onto something we’ve outgrown but need to release it in order to create space for something new to flow in," Edut says.
Identifying something that looms large in your mind might lead you to realize that its power is all in your head — and that you can actually address this matter head-on or, better yet, simply put it behind you. "We can open up the channels of good fortune by letting go of situations that aren’t bringing the results we desire," Edut says.
Lucky for you, the energy of this lunar phase will be the motivator you need to do just that. No one can avoid misfortune in all its forms, but even doing something as small as, say, letting go of your fear of Friday the 13th can count as a step in the right direction. Demonstrating that you're no longer attached to something that was holding you back is at the core of observing the waning moon.
Edut recommends tending to your sources of bad luck ASAP, so that you feel at least a little less burdened by the new moon (the lunar equivalent to a clean slate) on October 19. And, if you still feel embattled by then, don't let that deter you. Next month's full moon is all about letting go, too.
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