A Bachelorette Contestant Got The Best Upgrade Last Night

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Uh, did Connor Jordan Obrochta, the Bachelorette contestant known for smashing a photo, always wear glasses?
The answer is no. Prior to episode six of The Bachelorette, Obrochta, a 25-year-old fitness trainer, did not wear glasses. Last night, he donned a pair, and things changed. It's a reverse Clark Kent situation: He put on the glasses, and whoa. Obrochta went from 25-year-old former baseball player (he played on a rookie league affiliate briefly) to Superman, essentially.
Turns out, based on his Instagram, Obrochta wears his glasses with some regularity. He just, in general, didn't wear them on the show.
Obrochta's glasses gave him a late surge in the competition, alerting all viewers that he had frontrunner potential. Alas, the glasses weren't enough. The Bachelorette kept Wills Reid instead, sending Obrochta home alongside contestant Lincoln Adim. (Adim has been convicted of indecent assault. It's not likely he'll return to the franchise.)
The good news is, Obrochta will return. People reported last night that he will appear on Bachelor in Paradise. Connor, bring your glasses.

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