What I Learned From My Parents About Money

Illustrated by Abbie Winters
Raise your hand if you grew up being told that money doesn't grow on trees or that a penny saved is a penny earned. These are nice adages, but they don't exactly translate to how exactly a person is supposed to save for a down payment.
We all learn about how to handle money from our parents. Maybe your parents passed along some sage financial advice that really has helped you maximize your money. Or, maybe you've learned exactly what not to do with your money from their example. Sometimes, the no-nos are just as valuable.
According to this InstaMotor survey, 56.8% of millennials feel their parents prepared them to make good financial decisions. Regardless of whether you fall into this camp, what's true across the board is that money decisions are personal, and that, whether we realize it or not, the way we're brought up thinking about money often influences what we do with it once we make it on our own — be it by maxing out our 401(k)s, always hanging onto receipts, or learning when to say no.
We asked the Refinery29 community: What did you learn from your parents about money?

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