Justin Timberlake Doesn’t Have BDE But He Is “Gifted,” A Former Co-Star Says

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The penis propaganda officially continues.
Ever since Kyrell Grant’s “big dick energy” tweet went viral, the internet’s been in a frenzy posting comments and stories about who packing both physically and egotistically. The shortlist includes Pete Davidson, any and all Scorpios (which includes Drake) and even Rihanna.
Now, let me start off by saying that Justin Timberlake 100%, without a doubt does not have BDE. Sorry. Fight me. But according to his former Friends with Benefits co-star, Patricia Clarkson, the former boy band frontman is in fact well-endowed.
Appearing on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Clarkson shared this lovely, big (?) nugget during a game of “How Big Was It?” Cohen asked Clarkson who had the biggest chance to be her friend with benefits on the set of the 2011 film and the actress quickly responded with:
“Hands down, Justin Timberlake. ‘Cause if we want to talk about big.”
Cue the record scratch. If that wasn’t blunt enough, Cohen further pushed the issue, asking point blank if Justin is “endowed well.” Clarkson continued: “I had the good fortune to get to see him all there, because they were shooting a scene that they couldn’t keep anything on. He is a gorgeous man.”
My pre-teen self just shuddered at the thought of JT’s manhood. Not because I didn’t have *NSYNC posters plastered across my wall as a youngster and a crush on JT to match, but because I did. And after months and months of staring at them I don’t remember seeing anything ridiculously...large front and centre.
But who knows? Maybe things have dramatically changed for the singer since he ditched those frosted curls. Or maybe, like Grant wrote in a BDE article for Broadly, “well endowed” is subjective. Guess we’ll just have to wait for Jessica Biel’s official statement.

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