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Famous In Love will not have a third season, a representative for Freeform confirmed to Refinery29.
"We are proud to have had the opportunity to air Famous In Love. After many discussions we have made the difficult decision not to renew the show for a third season. We want to thank our colleagues at Warner Horizon and our incredible producers, writers, cast and crew, especially Marlene King, for their creativity, hard work and dedication."
This article was originally published on June 27, 2018.
On Tuesday, fans received some distressing news: Freeform has cancelled Famous In Love, effectively squashing their hopes of a Raige-filled season 3. In reports of the show's alleged cancellation, "sources" claimed that it was so-called "diva-like behavior" from its star, Bella Thorne, that made the cast and crew "relieved" for the end of the two-season series.
Except, here's the thing: Freeform has not cancelled Famous In Love, according to the network itself. Which makes it all the more inexcusable for Thorne to be blamed for the show's not-even-officially-happening demise.
Per The Hollywood Reporter:
"Sources also say news of the cancellation was considered a relief for many members of the production. Star Thorne and showrunner King are said to have clashed on multiple occasions, with the actress exhibiting what sources described as 'diva-like behavior' on set. Sources note Thorne actively wanted off of Famous in Love, with the actress and social media star having refused to participate in Freeform-organized live-tweets during its second season."
Not long after the initial report was published, showrunner I. Marlene King informed fans that, no, Freeform had not made a decision yet regarding season 3 of the Hollywood-set series. (Representatives for the network confirmed this to Refinery29.) She had something else to say, as well: The rumors that Thorne displayed bad behavior on set and caused a rift between Thorne and King were also patently false.
"Despite what may be out there I am not in a feud w @bellathorne," King wrote on Twitter. "We have, and have always had, a friendly and professional relationship."
She added:
"FACT: The ENTIRE @FamousInLoveTV cast and crew are crossing our fingers and toes as we light candles for a S3 pickup. #Raige On!"
Personally, I found it pretty unbelievable that an entire cast and crew would be grateful for the end of their jobs, solely due to the alleged behavior of one star. But what's so disappointing about these reports is that it establishes, yet again, a narrative about young, successful actresses that people are always too willing to believe.
Talented men are allowed to be tortured artists — if their behavior is discussed at all in the press. Think about the news of Jeffrey Tambor's behavior on the set of Arrested Development that made headlines. He acted that way for years, and his male costars excused his behavior during a New York Times interview (Jason Bateman later apologized for rushing to Tambor's defense). Meanwhile, a young woman in Hollywood is labeled an obnoxious diva at the first sign of anything less than likable behavior.
Looking at Thorne's reaction to the faux-cancellation, I imagine that Thorne was not quite as eager to get off the show as reports about her behavior allege.
"If this is how I find out our show is canceled..I’m going to be so upset," Thorne wrote on Twitter in response to the news of the show's cancellation. (The initial report, it seems, was result of some miscommunication.)
By the way, what was Thorne doing just days before this news broke? Quietly protesting at the border against what many are calling a cruel immigration policy of separating and detaining families. When asked by a Twitter user why she didn't share her activism with her millions of fans on social media, she responded:
"I don’t deserve to go viral these kids these families THEY deserve to go viral they deserve to be treated like human beings."
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