Here's What The Real Housewives Of New York Cast Hates Most About Filming

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The Real Housewives Of New York is a famously dramatic show to film. You might get trapped on Scary Island. Someone might throw a prosthetic leg at you. You might, as the trailer for the back half of season 10 teases, find yourself on a legitimately terrifying boat ride off the coast of Colombia. Yet, despite all those alarming possible reality TV turns, there is something the RHONY cast despises more than calamitous restaurant visits and high-stress international vacations: confessionals.
“After we stop filming, we have to do those several months later,” New York star Tinsley Mortimer told Refinery29 during a The Mention Pop-Up video. “You have to go back in time and then talk about things. It gets uncomfortable.”
Or, as OG New York housewife Ramona Singer put it, “Confessionals are the worst part. They really are. They’re definitely cringeworthy sometimes.”
While talking about the past is bad, seeing your co-stars’ talking head interviews is even worse. Case in point, Mortimer’s experience watching Sonja Morgan’s many confessionals during 2017’s season 9. “When I saw what [she] said about me, my family sort of, the way I came back to New York. [That] I didn’t have a pot to piss in,” Mortimer, who joined RHONY last year following a Palm Beach arrest, began, “Oh, girl, I was so mad. It is really, really tough.”
This kind of sucker-punch drama — “We see it when you guys see it,” Dorinda Medley reminded viewers — is what leads to the high tension of every single reunion show. Medley explained that the cast members all have to watch the last six or seven episodes of season about a week before the annual Bravo showdown, which is often so explosive, it extends over multiple episodes. “So we’re really hyped up,” Medley joked.
The process creates a Westworldian problem, where an emotional loop is created, untethered from time. Yes, one can end a season on a positive note with a cast member, but reliving past drama though someone else's confessional either rekindles old anger or sparks brand-new hurt. “Your life gets played back,” Mortimer said. “I might have been super fine with Sonja at the end, but then I’m watching it back, and I’m like, ‘That bitch.”
But Mortimer assures everyone she and her former roommate Morgan are now “great.”
To hear just how great these two are — Morgan’s on-again, off-again love interest “Frenchy” is involved — and see the full Real Housewives Of New York midseason super trailer, watch the Mention video below.
The Real Housewives of New York City airs Wednesdays, 9 p.m. on Bravo.
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