The Lip Balm Water Bottle We Never Knew We Needed

Bringing a stuffy nose home from vacation, chipping a fresh manicure, Seamless forgetting your extra ranch dressing, again — first world problems, man. And adding to the laundry-list of basic bitch qualms: forgetting your lip balm in another bag and having to suffer through a 45-minute workout class with a chapped, dry mouth.
If you've experienced it, you know how annoying it is. Which is why we all got a little too excited over Bkr's latest offering: a water bottle with a lip balm compact built right into the cap. If that's not low-key genius, we don't know what is.
We tested the balm, which is super hydrating and more of an intensive treatment, and found that it left our lips softer than most run-of-the-mill sticks. The clear gel is formulated with 16 plant actives, including Mediterranean algae and French rose, and there's a solid amount of product in the cap, which makes the $22 price a little easier to swallow.
You can buy the whole package, or if you're up on the trends and already have a Bkr water bottle, you can just purchase the reformulated cap and balm that are sold separately. Either way, it's a good investment if you never want to lose your lip balm again — in spin class, on a hike, or on your way home from an especially drying week in Amangiri.
bkr Water Balm, $22 (plus an additional $10 for the custom cap), available at bkr.

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