Who Broke Colton's Heart? The Internet Thinks They Figured It Out

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Colton Underwood just won't stop being relevant. The Bachelorette contestant and former NFL player — an injury sidelined him last year — is the most fame-adjacent contestant this season, and he's making for a complicated season. On Monday night's episode, Underwood waxed poetic about his love life, telling Becca Kufrin that he's only ever fallen in love once. Because Underwood is semi-famous, he has a famous dating history. In fact, almost exactly a year ago, Underwood dated Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman. So, even though he didn't say her name outright, Underwood essentially discussed a semi-public relationship on reality television.
First, Underwood told Kufrin he appreciated being "on the same page."
"I haven't had that in my past relationship," he told Kufrin. (He's only had one.) This relationship, he added, was post-college and a little over a year ago.
"Was it just hard for her to open up or was it hard for you to open up?" Kufrin asked.
According to Underwood, he told this girl (definitely Raisman) that he loved her in the very beginning of the relationship — "very quick" — and she didn't say it back. Ultimately, she broke up with him. Because of this, Underwood said, he associates "confusion and pain" with love.
Raisman and Underwood dated from late 2016 to mid-2017, just long enough to become a certified Semi-Celebrity Couple. Underwood, who is friends with Shawn Johnson's husband Andrew East, asked Raisman out via a YouTube video. Raisman agreed to go on a date with him, and they started dating. They attended the 2017 Golden Globes together, and even gave some interviews about their relationship. Because Underwood resided in San José, they were a long-distance couple.
"She has such a busy schedule that there’s something always on our schedule, always on our agenda, that anytime we can make something like this that is on our schedule into a little date or or time, it’s great," Underwood told People in January 2017.
The Bachelorette started filming in March of 2018, almost exactly a year after they broke up. (Underwood revealed in August of 2017 that they'd broken up, but they presumably split some time before then.) Seeing as Underwood said he's only been in one relationship, all signs point to, well, him talking about Raisman on The Bachelorette. And now we know who dumped who — Raisman broke up with Underwood, who, per his own explanation, said "I love you" at the very beginning of the relationship.

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