Turns Out Rihanna Is A Criminal Mastermind — At Stealing Wine Glasses, That Is

Isabel Infantes/PA Images via Getty Images
Turns out Rihanna doesn’t just play a heistress in Ocean’s 8. In fact, her thievery is so common in real life that you just may have overlooked it.
Rihanna and the rest of the Ocean’s 8 cast recently stopped by The Graham Norton Show to discuss the film, when the “Wild Thoughts” singer’s alleged criminal activity was called into question. “I’m not suggesting that any of you are actual criminals,” Norton said. “But all I’m saying is watch yourself around Rihanna.” Cue a collective eyebrow raise.
Hearing Norton’s statement, Rihanna looked incredibly perplexed. I mean, this is the woman who has made stacks and stacks off mega-hit songs, clothing (and lingerie!) lines, and the ever-popular Fenty Beauty collection. Why in the world would she need to steal? Even more, what would she be stealing?
The answer came when Norton motioned to the mini TV sitting beside him, which fired off a series of paparazzi photos of Rih’s sticky fingers in action. To everyone’s surprise her item of choice is none other than glassware. Yup, you read that right. She has a not-so-secret penchant for swiping wine glasses any time she’s out and about.
News that Rih was stealing...err borrowing wine glasses from literally everywhere she goes first surfaced in 2016. After making the shocking discovery, Twitter user @joshuedwrds proceeded to make a thread illustrating the singer’s beloved hobby. The photos showed Rihanna clutching glasses like fashion accessories leaving clubs, restaurants, and even at the beach. How does she defend her actions? The singer did what any pro heistress would do: she explained that it’s all a misunderstanding.
“That might have been one [glass] I took to the club,” Rih said in response to their first photo of her walking down the street with a glass in hand. To another wine glass spotting: “I took it back to the hotel I took it from,” she said.
Good one, Rih. Deny and always have an alibi. Spoken like a true mastermind indeed.

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