All The Women-Led Movies We Need Before Jared Leto's Joker Movie

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It's no joke: According to Variety, Jared Leto's Clown Prince of Crime will receive his very own standalone movie. The upcoming Joker film comes just months after news broke that Warner Bros. was producing a different Joker movie in the vein of Taxi Driver, which will not star Leto. Alas, you apparently can never have too many films about this Batman villain, despite the fact that Heath Ledger already scored a posthumous Oscar for his take on the character in The Dark Knight. (Seriously, we're trying to top that?)
Leto was rumored to have dived a little too deep into his villainous role while in production on Suicide Squad, the first film in the newly-minted DC Universe to feature the green-haired villain. While that film was not-so beloved critically, it did make money, and, apparently, was far less problematic than Leto's recent "culturally insensitive" venture The Outsider. Could Leto's Joker movie correct some of the failures of Suicide Squad, and offer the actor a meaty, complicated role?
Maybe. But it's not exactly the movie that I want to see right now. In fact, I'd rather see a few other, women-led superhero flicks before we dive into what could be the second Joker movie to hit theaters. Here are just a few we need before Leto gets his Joker movie.

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