Yes, There's A Perfect Crystal For The Summertime

There are crystals for love life woes, crystals that will boost your energy, even crystals believed to ward off ghosts. It's little wonder, then, that there's a crystal or two with spiritual properties that match the warm, invigorating energy of the summer solstice, which officially arrives this Thursday, June 21. To get a better idea of which stones we should display on the longest day of the year, we spoke to seeress, shaman, and founder of Mama Medicine Deborah Hanekamp.
Without hesitation, Hanekamp recommends citrine as her number-one solstice stone. If that name rings a bell, it could be because it played a major role in Kim Kardashian West's trio of floral fragrances — and her recovery from her robbery in Paris in October 2016. In an interview with The Cut, the reality star and businesswoman said that, in the wake of the incident, people gifted her healing crystals, which "gave off an overall calm energy" in her home.
In addition to those calming effects that Kardashian West described, citrine is also said to possess the energy of the sun, imbuing a space with light, warmth, and hope. And it's this solar connection that makes it perfect for the solstice, an event named, in part, for the sun. "[Citrine] is all about calling in light and abundance," Hanekamp explains, adding that simply keeping it out in the open (or on your altar, if you have one) can serve as a quiet reminder that warmth and light has returned to nature in full force.
If you aren't super familiar with crystals and their associated energies, you might assume that it's also useful to have the birthstones for June, July, and August on hand, too. According to Hanekamp, these stones actually have little to no spiritual value for the solstice specifically — but there is one slight exception. "I don’t pay too too much attention to them. That being said, ruby is great for the summer because it [represents] life and heat," she says. "In the summertime, we’re outside, walking around so much more and we’re more in our bodies, and ruby is a great stone for exemplifying that."
In general, Hanekamp says that any crystal that cultivates a sense of abundance (of health, light, love, success) has a place in your home during the solstice. After all, plants and flowers are in full bloom and daylight hours are at their max — abundance is kind of the theme this time of year. So, as Hanekamp puts it, go with that energy.