9 Instagram Posts That Will Change How You Think About Altars

Photographed by Lucy Lu.
The fall equinox, or the Pagan sabbat known as Mabon, is fast-approaching, and people whose spirituality is grounded in nature are already assembling their altars to pay tribute to the season. For those who don't use personal altars, that term can summon up some pretty elaborate images, but creating one is actually a pretty simple process.
The most basic altar usually incorporates candles, plants, or other pieces of nature; a spiritual text; and maybe a healing crystal or wand. Some people will include items that are personally significant to them, like small religious relics or trinkets acquired from traveling, while others may stick strictly to magickal tools they intend to use in spell work or sabbat rituals.
Whatever you use to make your altar, it's important that each piece serves you spiritually. Maybe you have a book of poetry that comforts you when you're upset — that can have a place on your altar. A vial of soothing essential oils or a relaxing aromatherapy candle certainly belongs, too, especially if you're preparing for a grounding ceremony.
Of course, the modern witches of Instagram go one step further with their altars and make them good to look at, too. Ahead, we've rounded up some of our favorite Insta-altars, from the very simple to the high-key aesthetic. Read on for some seriously magical inspiration for your own home shrine.

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