The Queer Eye Guys Just Released A Music Video & You Will Not Believe

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
When Netflix first announced that it was reviving Queer Eye for the Straight Guy with a whole new Fab Five, I was like, 'Do we really need it?' Now, I know that the answer to that question is 'Yes of course, and no less than 10 seasons, please.' Thanks to a brand-new video from Netflix, the rebranded Queer Eye — which will premiere its second season June 15 — has become even more fabulous. We're talking Betty Who, falling avocados, and one epic Grease moment.
Allow me to explain.
In anticipation of season 2 of Queer Eye and National Pride Month, Betty Who takes on the classic Queer Eye theme song "All Things" and kicks everything up to an 11 in a colorful spectacle.
Who and the Fab Five are having the time of their lives while strutting a light-up runway, looking like an epic futuristic boy band.
Naturally, their particular skills are expressed well via the video. Culture connoisseur Karamo is surrounded by tissue boxes, a nod to all of those heartfelt convos. Food and wine expert Antoni is rocking a crop top sweatshirt as he is showered with avocados. (I've had dreams like this.) Grooming expert Jonathan, of course, has his handy blowdryer, which he uses to coif his perfect mane.
Yet the best part of the Fab Five's new video collaboration with Betty Who? Easily the moment in which their sparkly, bedazzled truck flies off into the sunset, Grease-style. I mean... can you believe?
This isn't the first time that "All Things" has gotten a makeover. The tune was the theme song for the original Queer Eye for the Straight Guy as well.
If things really do just keep getting better for the cast of Queer Eye (and, let's be real, this music video is proof of that) I can't wait to see what season 2 has in store.

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