It's Time To Check Up On The Queer Eye Contestants

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This week, Queer Eye's Tom Jackson married his ex-wife Abby Parr, marking him as the show's biggest (or most public) success story. After burying himself in a dank basement apartment and one suspiciously sweaty chair, Jackson was able to reemerge and marry the woman of his dreams. Now, that's good reality television.
Jackson has been one of the most social media-active members of the Queer Eye season 1 crew, so he's been easy to track. We knew when he broke up with Parr, when he got back together with Parr, and when he finally remarried Parr. We even know what kind of a honeymoon they're going on. (Mountains! Hoorah!)
The other members are harder to follow. Not all of the season 1 Queer Eye contestants were extroverts. In fact, a number of them were incredibly introverted, something the Fab Five explored during their episodes. What happened to the rest of them? Did Joe Gallois stick with his sleek 'do? Did Neal, the coder whom the show affectionately called "Sasquatch," continue to entertain?
Ahead, updates on the rest of the Queer Eye contestants.
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