We're Obsessed With The Official Song Of 13 Reasons Why's Most Unexpected Couple

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Warning: spoilers ahead for season 2 of 13 Reasons Why.
It’s been years since a show could take an up-and-coming band and turn their song into a chart topping hit overnight, but 13 Reasons Why is doing just that. Last season, it was “The Night We Met” by Lord Huron, and with the return of the show for its second season, we have a new song to play on repeat: “Your Love” by indie-pop duo Haerts.
The synth-filled track is bursting with ardor and vulnerability, perfectly capturing its visual other half, rendering a tender and true montage of season 2’s most unexpected couple, Hannah Baker and Zach Dempsey. The backdrop of Hannah and Zach’s secret summer romance mirrors countless ‘80s teen classic set at a high school with a strict social hierarchy. The John Hughes-penned hit Some Kind of Wonderful, one of the many films Zach goes to see as an excuse to talk to Hannah, is a prime example. This scene has everything we have come to expect of a summer love montage courtesy of the famous teen movie director: a tender but beat-driven song, a montage of nervous looks that transpire into meaningful moments, and just the right amount of hair blowing in the wind. While fleeting, their relationship offered them both the opportunity to be themselves without the need to put on a facade for other people, something they both desperately needed. Haerts’ song is poised to be the “Lord Huron moment” of the new season. It’s softness in the verses builds to an anthemic chorus. The band is killing it in the soundtrack game; their song “Wings” was also in the soundtrack-rich film Love, Simon earlier this year.
“Because our show is set in modern day, not a period piece we always felt it was important to use modern/current songs along with the ‘80s material however we wanted to make sure the modern songs lived in the world — by that I mean tone, instrumentation, vibe,” 13 Reasons Why’s music supervisor, Season Kent, tells Refinery29. “Most bands today making post punk, darker indie rock or even warm ‘80s synth music aren’t bands in the top 40 or on the radio — so digging and finding those bands to make sure the show is cohesive is a large part of our approach.” While they might not be on the charts before Kent finds a band, they certainly make a huge leap in popularity after. Suddenly, they are on everyone’s playlists.
“The song has this warm female vocal, so you feel it from Hannah’s perspective,” Kent told Variety. “It has those builds, the sweetness, the drive. It’s not cheesy.” The scene joins the likes of Love, Simon (also soundtracked by Kent) in its nod to John Hughes with subtler notes like the song and more obvious ones such as the movie theater showing the Hughes film Some Kind of Wonderful.
Haerts’ song has quickly become one of the most streamed tracks from the season 2 soundtrack since its release on Friday, Variety reports. For the show, it offers a sonically perfect moment that helps define the season. For the German-born band, it creates a meteoric growth in their fan base right before the release of their forthcoming album set to be released this fall. Now, the band will have a whole new mass of fans racking up streams on Spotify. Meanwhile, we have our new summer hit.

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