Instagram Rolls Out A More Colorful Version Of Its Poll Sticker

Photographed by Anna Jay.
It’s only been seven months since Instagram launched its poll sticker in Stories, but the feature has already managed to elicit a full spectrum of emotions. There was the initial joy (I can get my friends’ opinion on an outfit without a group text!), followed by a sense of deceit (wait, the person posting the poll can see how I voted?), and, finally, overall annoyance (why do I always accidentally vote on a poll when clicking through Stories?).
What seemed like a simple Q&A turned into a study in how we feel when our secret opinions are suddenly exposed. (The answer: Not good.) Given this reaction, you can expect plenty of strong feelings about Instagram's newest release: A second version of polling called the emoji slider, which joins the original poll sticker. The colorful answering tool lets users ask their followers to weigh in on a query using their emoji of choice.
For example, say you want to see how much your friends like a new eyeshadow palette. Swatch the colors, open Stories, and take a photo. Then, go to your sticker drawer and tap the emoji image to the right of the poll icon. Type your question and choose any emoji for the scale — ? seems like an apt pick in this case — and wait to see where people land on the slider. Dragging the emoji to the far left would indicate “these colors aren’t for me,” while landing somewhere in the middle or towards the right-hand side would show an affinity for the shades.
Both the person voting and the person who posted the question will see the average response of everyone who answered. And, as with the original poll sticker, the person asking can tap to see how each individual person responded.
There are a couple of benefits to this new emojified answering scale. First, because you need to drag the emoji along the slider to answer, it's less likely you'll land on an answer by accident when tapping through Stories. Second, the scale model makes it easier to convey the tone of your question: If you choose ? for the slider, your query is probably sarcastic. On the other hand, pick ? and followers will know this is likely not a laughing matter.
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