Is Jordan Peele's Us Actually A Get Out Sequel?

In 2017, Jordan Peele's directorial debut Get Out took the world by storm — and even earned the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. Now, the former sketch comedy star is getting ready to make another horror flick, also with deep social themes. It's worth wondering: Could Peele's upcoming film Us be a secret sequel to Get Out?
According to Variety, Elisabeth Moss and Lupita Nyong'o are in talks to star in Peele's next film venture. Vanity Fair reports that the upcoming movie, described on its poster as a "new nightmare," will feature one white couple and one Black couple. Though it's unclear right now, it's possible that the film will mirror Get Out in that it, too, will use horror to dive into important racial issues.
If Us is a true sequel to Get Out, instead of simply another social thriller, Peele is staying quiet about it. The director did admit, however, that he is open to expanding his Oscar-winning film's world.
"We are not closed off to a sequel," Peele told reporters at the Independent Spirit Awards, per Us Weekly. "Look, the producers and I agree. This is not the kind of movie you make a sequel just to make a sequel and make more money. This movie transcends the business that it did. So if I can get a story that feels worthy as a follow-up in this world, we’ll do it … and if not, then absolutely not."
There's also the possibility that Us will connect with Get Out in surprising ways. M. Night Shyamalan's Split, for example, ended its film with a crazy twist: A connection to Shyamalan's previous film Unbreakable. It's possible that Us also exists in a universe where one can have another's consciousness placed into their body, but that fans won't know that until we watch the film.
We'll have to wait and see what Peele has in the works, but at least we know that scares will definitely be in store.

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