Aldi's $9 Bottled Mimosa Is Our New Brunch Staple

Some things just belong together. There’s peanut butter and jelly, cinnamon and sugar, burgers and French fries. And, of course, no brunch is ever complete without Champagne and orange juice. In fact, there are those among us who rarely buy one without the other. With this in mind, Aldi has made the genius decision to begin selling them together in one convenient, perfect-for-brunch bottle.
This weekend-ready product is simply called Mimosa, and it comes in a cheerful yellow bottle bright enough to wake you up — and get you ready for some day drinking. Each bottle holds 750 milliliters — as much as an average bottle of wine — of premixed mimosa. According Aldi, their recipe is actually part orange juice and part dry white wine. While it doesn’t use a sparkling wine like the mimosas we’re used to drinking, it does still sound like it would go pretty nicely with brunch. But in addition to pancakes or waffles, Aldi also suggests pairing Mimosa with California rolls, white cheddar and Gruyère grilled cheese, and gorgonzola.
Though the ease of having to purchase just one beverage instead of two before your big brunch party is appealing, there is one potential drawback to Aldi's premixed Mimosa, and that's its ratio. The best part about having a mix-your-own mimosa bar at a brunch gathering is that everyone can get the exact ratio of bubbly to OJ that they crave. After all, some people like more orange juice than booze, while others — namely, us — prefer filling their glasses almost all the way up to the top with sparkling wine before slipping in a few drops of juice. With Aldi's Mimosa, the ratio is, of course, fixed. Still, that doesn't mean Mimosa isn't worth a try, especially since it only cost $8.99. Hey, what can we say, we're suckers for convenience.

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