Bumble & Bumble's Cult-Fave Surf Spray Just Got A Major Makeover

I'm what you might call a "late bloomer." Not in the traditional sense of the phrase — my boobs developed around the same awkward age as the rest of my classmates, thank you very much — but rather, I didn't discover the potential of my hair texture until much later in life.
Up until college, I believed I had straight hair; it just blow-dried that way. My mom never taught me how to use mousse or a curling iron, and I had only ever experienced tousled beach waves on family vacations in Acapulco, after long dips in the ocean. Sea salt sprays were completely foreign to me until my early 20s, when a hairstylist pointed out my wavy curl pattern. After that, the product became a staple in my summer air-drying routine... and I may have just discovered my favorite one yet from Bumble and bumble.
It's the same formula as the brand's cult-favorite Surf Spray — of which I (surprise, surprise) had no idea it existed until now — but this newer iteration comes with a fresh coconut scent and the kind of blue-and-white striped packaging you'd find on a Montauk Summer brew. Frankly, I don't know how I went past summers without it.
The salt-infused spray creates a perfect rope-y texture that looks messy in the best way, but also has a blend of softening oils to counteract any dryness. And you'll never have to worry about crunchiness or stickiness: Even after misting my fine, wavy hair from roots to ends at least 10 times before scrunching, I still barely notice any grit. Any time I use it, the only thing left behind is that fresh-from-the-beach look I never knew I needed. Better late than never, right?
Bumble and bumble. Surf Spray Malibu Beach, $27, available at Bumble and bumble.

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