The Accidental Beef Between Kendall Jenner & Kacey Musgraves Has Been Quashed

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How does that old saying go? “Never assume, because when you assume, you make an ass of you and me.” It’s not uncommon for people to make assumptions when it comes to things they see on the internet, celebrities often being the main targets of these assumptions.
Now, in this day in age, if you claim to not know anything about the Kardashian-Jenner crew, you’re probably lying to yourself and everyone you know. Honestly, the only thing you really need to know is that these people thrive on attention — it’s how they make their money.
A Twitter user recently tried to make an ass out of one of Kendall Jenner after a recent post on her Instagram. In the photo, Kendall is sitting in her underwear on a rooftop, sipping on some tea or coffee or wine, probably getting paid for it somehow. It’s a nice photo, with a great view of the city behind her, but she’s also 100% not the person editing her photos, like most celebrities of her status.

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This Twitter user pointed out the fact that in the background, an advertisement for Kacey Musgraves’s latest album, Golden Hour, was blurred out.
Kendall eventually responded, confirming that she meant no shade and had nothing to do with editing the photo. She's either a Kacey stan or she knows how to Google some song titles.
Out of the Kardashian-Jenners whole family, Kendall Jenner seems to be the person with the least amount of drama. Is it another case of people assuming the worst when it has anything to do with the this family?
Now, if you’re like me and you are wondering who Musgraves is, she just released a country album that people who don’t care about country music seem to love, including us. And she’s opening for Harry Styles on his U.S. tour, which is pretty legit.
According to People, Musgraves first responded by reposting the photograph on her Instagram story and blurring out the supermodel’s face instead. The post was since deleted and Musgraves responded to Kendall on Twitter, proving that there is clearly no beef between these two lovely young women.
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