Why Fans Are Freaking Out Over Jhene Aiko's Latest Tattoo Post

Love is patient, love is kind. Love also makes you do the irrational, like getting your partner's face tattooed on your arm. When Jhene Aiko loves, she loves hard — and she has a giant portrait of Big Sean's mug to prove it. So, when the Trip singer posted an update from her tattoo artist's chair, fans got really worried that she was covering up her tribute. "Realizing ALL things are temporary, I rejoice in this moment," she captioned the shot of pro Miryam Lupini working on her back. Her subsequent posts were just as cryptic: "Cheers to old beginnings and new endings," she wrote. "It's never too late to edit." Oh... and the couple also unfollowed each other on Instagram, too.
Aiko's fans immediately went into a tizzy, thinking that the poetic line was about the couple breaking up. "I need @JheneAiko and @BigSean to remain a couple.. they are the only hope I have in love," @__lilDragon tweeted. That's just an example of the heartbreak. "Ynowat? If Big Sean and Jhené Aiko can’t make it thru, NOT ONE OF US HAS A SHOT," @lil__natt wrote. "Channing and whoever dint do nothing for me but THIS?!?!? Is frankly more than I can handle." Same, girl. Same.
It turns out that Aiko and Sean's devotees jumped to major conclusions. In a post on The Shade Room (which has since been deleted), Aiko clarified her comments. "She's clearly tattooing my back," she wrote. "I'm actually covering my moon phases and the rising sun on my back." But what about the unfollow? "And sometimes you don't want to follow ur boyfriend/girlfriend on social media.. if it weren't for u crazy blogs and ur speculation I would follow and unfollow him twice a day, everyday... [it's] not that serious... I see him enough in real life and on my arm."
So there's that. Maybe we're a little too invested in this steamy celebrity romance, but we'll be praying that Twenty88 — and Aiko's realistic ink — will stay intact forevermore.

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