May Click List: R29 Entertainment Editors' Picks For The Month

It's gonna be May. There was definitely a time, a more innocent time, when the arrival of May meant that Justin Timberlake memes would dominate our Twitter feed. These days, we're more likely to be confronted with partisan takedowns and earnest questions about whether or not 2018 is worse than 2016, but we promise: There is plenty of joy and Timberlake-ian fun happening this month in the world of movies, TV, and pop culture.
Netflix, to their credit, is doing everything they possibly can to let us binge-watch premium TV in peace, with the return of 13 Reasons Why, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and newcomers like The Rain to keep us plenty busy. Plus, Melissa McCarthy can be the life of our party any day, and the return of Deadpool looks raunchier than ever. All this, plus a new Bachelorette season for our guilty pleasure, and a new Roxane Gay book for our highbrow needs.
So, it's gonna be May. Dive in.

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