It’s Gonna Be MAY: The Justin Timberlake Meme That Won’t Quit

It's the end of
April, which generally means that following the showers, May flowers and
bright spring days are on the horizon. But, if you were born in the '90s — or are
even semi-active on social media — it means you've probably seen Justin Timberlake's
young face and freshly bleached tips everywhere today. EVERYWHERE. If not,
you're welcome. 

Years ago, before starting a solo career, Timberlake was the lead singer
for the adorable boy band, *NSYNC. Alongside Lance Bass, Chris Kirkpatrick, JC Chasez, and Joey
Fatone, he danced, sang, dated Britney Spears, and made young girls freak the
eff out. Following their self-titled debut, *NSYNC released No Strings Attached in 2000, which quickly became a hit in the new millennium. Featuring tracks like "Bye Bye
Bye," and "This I Promise You," the album topped the charts. While every song fits perfectly on a Throwback Thursday (#tbt) or best boy bands playlist, one of them stands out as the ultimate spring indicator. 

Like most of the *NSYNC songs, "It's Gonna Be Me" is catchy, upbeat, and groovy — with all the ingredients of a perfect pop song. Although some believe Timberlake's diction is a little off —
the "me" in the song sounds a little like "may" — maybe they just want to relish in
the past. We're going to go with the latter. Either way, the anticipation and
reactions across social media are priceless. 

Some people are terrified. Who knew May could be
that scary? 

Others simply can't stand the meme. 
You might have seen enough of the meme, but take a look at the glorious music video for the jam, below. 
We have yet to see Timberlake pay homage to the good old days, especially now that he's a proud father. We're going to trust that he wants to put those silver sweat suits and blonde tips behind him, though we can't imagine why. 

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