Who Exactly Knows That Bernard Is A Robot On Westworld?

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
It's hard to know what you're supposed to be confused about while watching Westworld, and what the creators want you to be confused about. I can't fix that, but at least I can make one thing a little clearer for all those who had to keep pausing the season 2 premiere of the HBO show last night in order to turn to their friends and go, "Wait, what?" The most pressing question after season 1's big reveal that Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) is actually a host is who else knows about it. Ford (Anthony Hopkins), obviously, but is there anyone else in Westworld, Delos, or beyond who was clued in about the robot that walked among the humans?
The short answer: not really. In fact, there's only one human out there who is undeniably aware of this secret, but he might be dead (more on that ahead). However, it's not that black and white. There are a number of other people — and robots, too — who we have reason to believe know what's what, or are at least starting to catch on. After all, as Sunday night's episode revealed, Bernard does not have much time left before his functions stop working due to the injury he sustained last season. There's a literal ticking clock to think about, plus that bombshell he dropped at the very end of the episode.
But before we start freaking out about that, let's at least get our bearings. Ahead are all the characters who know Bernard is a host, as well as those who are about this close to figuring it out.
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