Westworld Really Will Be A Skarsgard Versus Hemsworth Showdown

Photo: John P. Johnson/HBO
With the highly-anticipated second season of HBO's sci-fi drama Westworld fast approaching, it's time for fans to pick a side. No, I'm not talking about whether you're all about the robot revolution or if you're siding with the greedy suits at Delos. Nope: Instead, I'm talking about whether you stand with #TeamHemsworth or #TeamSkarsgard. Which celebrity family will you root for as artificial intelligence take over the world?
It was reported back in March that Vikings star Gustaf Skarsgard would join Westworld for its sophomore venture. Gustaf is one of the Skarsgards: His brothers include It actor Bill Skarsgard (of Pennywise the Dancing Clown fame) and Big Little Lies alum Alexander Skarsgard. Their father is Stellan Skarsgard, of movies like Mamma Mia!, Good Will Hunting, and Thor.
The issue here is that the Skarsgards are not the only celebrity family represented on Westworld. Luke Hemsworth repped his own famous bros (one of whom actually is Thor) in season 1 when he portrayed the artificial intelligence park's head of security, Ashley Stubbs. Unlike many people on Westworld, Stubbs didn't have a terrible death — he merely slipped off our radar before the robots could stage their coup. That's a good thing, because, as Hemsworth explained in a recent interview with Access Hollywood, he now needs to fight Skarsgard.
"[Gustaf] and I have a few showdowns," Hemsworth explained when asked about Skarsgard's upcoming character. "It's Skarsgard versus Hemsworth now, so it's personal. Just between you and me, Hemsworths are always on top."
According to Deadline, Skarsgard will play Karl Strand, "a white-collar guy comfortable in the field." How he will cause drama for Hemsworth's Stubbs is anyone's guess, but given all of the drama of last season, I wouldn't be surprised if Stubbs was extra careful of anyone who started messing around in his park.
Let's just say that this Hemsworth/Skarsgard showdown is just one more reason why we can't wait for April 22 to get here.

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