The Hair Products Pros Are Most Excited About In 2018

Let’s do a quick pop culture recap of the year so far: Black Panther completely shattered box office records, and the old standards of onscreen beauty. We were blessed with new music from Cardi B and Nicki Minaj within one week… and without that much of a catty feud, at that. Love basically died after Channing and Jenna Dewan Tatum split, but it was revived once Marc Jacobs proposed to his boyfriend at Chipotle with a flash mob. All in all, the year’s been decent... but man, is it a damn good time to be a beauty lover.
New launches have rolled in since the beginning of January, and there's something for everyone: TSA-friendly deodorant balls, a line of foundations that range from dark to light, and enough watermelon skin-care products to fill up a whole patch. There’s something really special going on when it comes to hair, though. The best of the best are challenging themselves to create products that deliver salon-quality results and improve the health of your hair, no matter what texture you’re rocking. So we asked a group of stylists and industry powerhouses to weigh in on which products deserve some space on your vanity. Check them out, ahead.
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Siblings Shiva and Kayvon Tavakoli couldn’t find hair products that truly saturated their thick, Persian strands — so they created their own. Taking inspiration from their grandparents' spice business, Joon’s first product launch is laced with pistachio extract for moisture, rose oil for shine, and saffron — which you can actually see floating in the bottle — to strengthen hair.
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Your self-care Sunday is about to get an upgrade, because now, you can slap a sheet mask on your face and your hair. Briogeo’s intensive cap treatment locks in heat produced from your scalp and douses strands with rosehip oil, algae extract, and vitamin B, so you’ll experience a deeper level of moisture and repair.
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Historically, foams are known to be drying, but this mousse-like concoction is the opposite thanks to camellia oil and shea butter. It melts away tangles while preventing frizz and works as a great refresher for wash-and-go styles. You can also forget about that cloying alcohol smell associated with most foams.
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If you’re ready to quit your on-off affair with your detangler, then you’ll fall in love with Time Release. Wet Brush’s formula promises tangle-free hair for up to three days. Unlike other detanglers, the keratin in the formula helps strengthen fried strands and wards off future heat damage. Think of it as an intense leave-in conditioner that does the heavy-lifting as you go throughout your day.
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Spending your entire paycheck on bespoke denim might be out of the question. However, bespoke hair care is everywhere, for everyone, and so hot right now. Form, which launched in June 2017, is extra special because it carries products for all textures. Just take a short survey and you’ll be presented with a personalized regimen and an explanation on how each product works. We especially love the custom programs for those transitioning from relaxed to natural hair.
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These rollers go one step further than the rest. “These clips are heated, so it establishes a stronger heat transfer,” Bova explains of the 20-piece set, which heats the hair from both sides to curl hair in five minutes. “They keep frizz away and your curls last longer.”
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No need to apply a heavy spray or serum to smooth your blowout once it gets frizzy. “One swipe of this sheet, which has coconut oil and shea butter, leaves your hair instantly free of static and cured of flyaways,” Naté Bova, a senior stylist at Warren Tricomi Salon, says. Plus, the chic package is small enough to fit in your purse when you need an on-the-go fix.
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From first use, this workhorse solution helps heal unwanted roughness and brittleness without a trace of buildup compared to other heavier formulas. The protein treatment is infused with a blend of keratin and black rice, and designed to heal signs of severe damage.
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Can’t choose between beachy bends or Hollywood waves? Brace yourself for option overload, thanks to this waver and wand mashup. Swerve and Curve contains open plates to use as a traditional waver, and closed locked plates, allowing you to wrap hair around the barrel like a curling wand.

Bed Head Swerve and Curve, $39.99, available April 22 at Ulta.
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Masks aren't typically that revolutionary, but this one is quickly becoming a pro favorite. “I love The One because of the ingredients typically found in skincare — like sea-sourced minerals — and the independent testing that validates its claims,” says Ron Robinson, cosmetic chemist and founder of BeautyStat. Apply the mask weekly in the shower — or twice a week, if you’re really in need of a revamp — and over time, your brittle ends will seemingly heal themselves.
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If you're scared of conditioner, this will be your friend. “This foam conditioner uses lightweight conditioning agents to keep hair full and bouncy, though still smooth and hydrated,” says Bova. “It’s great for fine textures that get weighed down easily.” The unique blend of antioxidants, aloe, and sea kelp help repair hair while still providing the soft-to-touch finish that you crave.
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When your scalp misses that squeaky-clean feeling (especially after taking your box braids out), squeeze on a palmful of this airlight fizzing froth to refresh without stripping natural oils. It contains salicylic acid and Micellar water — typically found only in skin care — to remove pore-clogging debris and dead skin cells... and the foam is a lot neater than messy, drippy liquid solutions.
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Not all of 2018's innovations have hit shelves yet. Just this month, scientists at Northwestern University discovered that graphene, a substance found in charcoal and graphite, can be used to safely dye your hair darker colors without the damage. "The concept of graphene-based hair dyes is revolutionary,” Miguel Angarita, master colorist at Oscar Blandi Salon notes. “Most tints are positive composition, which can lead to damage. Graphine technology makes tints negatively charged and hair follicles are more accepting to the negative ions. It possibly enhances the longevity of tint by preventing color to fade.”

While the dye can only be found in labs at the moment (sorry, y’all!), we have a feeling that we’ll be seeing it everywhere soon.

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