Taylor Swift Was Late To The Party & Fans Lost Their Minds

Taylor Swift released a second video for her single "Delicate" Thursday night, only something went awry — the video arrived on Spotify Friday morning, almost a full hour past midnight. Sixty minutes is not a long time, but it's long enough to rile Swift's dedicated fan base. When the video didn't materialize promptly, one fan joked that Swift lost the video in the same place she lost the mythologized 10-minute version of "All Too Well." This is Swift's model these days: She announces during the day that she's releasing something new at midnight. Then, in anticipation, Swifties stay up all night (this is a thing I have also done) to see the new thing live. Swift is usually quite prompt. So, when she's not, fans do have a bit of a license to panic.
One Taylor Swift fan account shared that Spotify first uploaded the video wrong, which is why the video didn't surface until almost an hour into Friday. It's all in good fun, though — now, Swifties are actively making jokes about their queen's tardiness.
"Taylor Swift is not late, everyone else is simply early," one tweeted, referencing Julie Andrews' line from The Princess Diaries.
The video, an addendum to the video Swift released weeks ago, is very simple. Swift is standing in what looks like a meadow. She faces the camera and sings the entire song as if she's Facetiming the person she's singing to. (This is similar to Adam Levine's music video for "Wait," which featured Snapchat filters.) The video is one take, and it looks as if Swift filmed it herself on an iPhone. It's done vertically, as iPhone videos are, and it's more intimate than her last video, which featured Swift doing a frantic dance in the rain. A number of outlets have pointed out that Swift is wearing a necklace with Joe Alwyn's initial on it in the video, a detail Swift sings about in "Call It What You Want." It's as if Swift wanted to have a more personal version of the song to counter the over-the-top nature of her first.
The video is, interestingly, available exclusively on Spotify. Watch a version of it, below.

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