Jennifer Aniston Is Netflix's Next Star

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Netflix is getting back into the murder mystery genre, but with a surprising twist.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler will star in Murder Mystery, a new original movie for Netflix about a couple who find themselves in the middle of a "whodunnit?" The only issue, of course, is that this particular whodunnit has the couple as the central suspects.
The streaming service, known for true crime docs like The Keepers and Making A Murderer dipped into parody with the series American Vandal. This film could potentially be a wink-and-nod to fans who really, really want to solve the case — even if, in this case, the murder is wrapped in a Aniston/Sandler comedy.
This will be the first time that Aniston and Sandler have appeared together in a film since 2011's Just Go With It. In that movie, the two play co-workers who are forced to pretend that they are a former married couple.
Darker hijinks will ensue in the pair's new Netflix film. According to THR, elderly billionaire Malcolm Quince is found dead on his yacht, with Aniston and Sandler as the prime suspects in his murder.
Given the title of this film, it's worth wondering if the movie won't feature an actual "murder," but will take place at an elaborate "murder mystery party." With immersive theater and escape rooms growing in popularity, perhaps what Sandler and Aniston find themselves in is less real than they initially think it is. If you think the concept is so far-fetched, never forget that Netflix did it in real life, with their reality program The Push.
In addition to Murder Mystery, Aniston will reunite with another famous co-star — this time, from her Friends days. She'll star in a new morning show-set series at Apple with Reese Witherspoon, who played her sister on the NBC sitcom.
Let's hope that Aniston and Sandler make it out of this movie unscathed — unlike that poor elderly billionaire.
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