The New Westworld Season 2 Trailer Answers One Big Question

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
What happened to Bernard? How will he be involved in season 2 of Westworld?
That was one of the many (many) questions we had following season 1 of Westworld. Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) was revealed to be a host version of Arnold, an elaborate creature created to serve as Dr. Robert Ford's (Anthony Hopkins) partner after the real Arnold's death. At the end of season 1, Bernard/Arnold had been 'shut down' by Ford after having gained consciousness. (He realized that he was a pawn, and Ford promptly shut that shit down.)
In the newest trailer for Westworld, which dropped today, Bernard/Arnold is awake. And he's remembering things.
"I dreamt I was on an ocean," he says in the trailer. "You and the others in the distant shore." As he speaks, a camera pans over a ravaged park. There are bodies lying the lake, all of them presumably victims of the hosts' revolt.
"Were you with us?" Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) asks.
"No," he says. A reminder: Dolores killed the real Arnold. There is history here.
Later, Bernard is shown walking with Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth), who works in park security. He's awake, and possibly in cahoots with the park staff. At this point, remember, the hosts are in charge. And Arnold/Bernard is a host, although he didn't think he was at the beginning of season one.
Season 2 will explore this inner conflict. What is Bernard? Human or host? He thought he was human.
"Here we are, the kind that will never know death, and yet we're fighting to live," Dolores tells him in the trailer. "There is beauty in what we are."
Will Bernard join the hosts in their revenge plot? We can only wait for HBO (and Reddit) to tell us.
Watch the full trailer, below.

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