Westworld Drops 19 New Photos To Analyze & Obsess Over

Westworld season 2 is approaching faster than you think — it will return April 8! — which means promotion season is upon us. Entertainment Weekly debuted a crop of photos from season 2, each one of them a whole new Westworld puzzle to inspect. Westworld is a maze of a TV show, and everything involved has deep, deep meaning. (Well, sort of.) So, the photos carry a lot of clues about the next season of HBO's murkiest show.
Thus far, we know that season 2 is going to be more manic than the first. There are no more "loops" for the hosts to follow. (We, the audience, followed those loops as well. They were a convenient way to introduce structure to a deeply bonkers show.) In the words of showrunner Lisa Joy, "the leashes are off."
"The hosts are now literally able to define themselves. But the question is: How far are you willing to go until you become a reflection of the evil you’re trying to fight?" Joy told EW.
"I was floored by the first episode," Evan Rachel Wood told the outlet. "They don't waste anytime."
That's pretty much the extent of what the actors and the executives can share about the new season. This show keeps its plot close to its robot heart. ("I'm trying to speak as vaguely as possible," James Marsden admitted in a filmed interview segment.)
But, with this new info comes new photographs from the set. In the photos, which are exclusive to EW, you can see Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth) looking confused on a beach, a "drone host" — a part of a "top secret project" for Delos — and two new costumes for Maeve (Thandie Newton) and Dolores (Wood). Both Maeve and Dolores are, in this case, wearing more modern garb, presumably because they've discovered they can wear polyester.
There's a brave new park out there, but we don't get to explore it until April 8.
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