Anna Faris Reflects On The Idea Of Marriage Post-Chris Pratt

Post-divorce, Anna Faris isn't sure she's still on the marriage wagon. She announced her split from second husband Chris Pratt in summer of 2017, breaking hearts of celeb-philes everywhere. (They were, after all, one of the last remaining A-List couples.) Now, Faris is struggling to discern the purpose of marriage.
"Is it safety for your children? Is it convention? Is it so other people respect your relationship more?” she told Dax Shepard on an episode of his podcast Armchair Expert.
"I am a romantic," she continued. "I believe in a partnership, I believe in companionship. I just don’t know if I believe in a ceremony of a wedding.” (Faris noted that she'd also just married two of her friends. So, she believes in weddings enough to perform one!)
"[Women] have been sort of conditioned to feel the need for, like, a big Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, a wedding!" Faris added. When Shepard asked if she felt ashamed at all surrounding her first divorce — Faris divorced from actor Ben Indra in 2008 — Faris admitted that she was embarrassed.
"I think — there's a lot of layers — the first thing that pops into my head is the idea of embarrassment of hopefulness, of optimism. And the public declaration of, 'I know what I'm doing!'" she said. "But what you realize in time is people for the most part are so wrapped up in their own shit. They're also more understanding than you think."
Faris is back in the spotlight promoting her new film Overboard, a reboot of a romantic comedy from 1987. In the film, Faris plays a janitorial who tricks an amnesiac boat owner into thinking he's her husband. And, as she said, it's like the Chris Pratt-Anna Faris divorce never happened. Anna Faris, we're so glad to have you back!

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