Bekah M. Regrets What She Said About Lauren & Arie

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Bekah Martinez has not been shy about making her true feelings known in regards to the shocking finale of the most recent season of The Bachelor. From posting Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s DMs to her while the show was airing to dissing the couple on After The Final Rose, her ability to say what we've all been thinking is why she's become such a fan favorite. That, and the fact that she's totally okay to owning up to her mistakes, which is exactly what she did when she appeared on Bachelorette contestant Eric Bigger's podcast Bigger Talks on Wednesday and spoke about her regrets following the shocking season finale. While she still thinks Luyendyk is a toolbag, she wants us to know that as far as his fiancée Lauren Burnham is concerned, there's no ill-will on her end.
"I kind of thought about, like, reaching out to Lauren and apologizing because - I don’t know - I said some stuff on After the Final Rose, where I was like, ‘She should get out of that as soon as possible’ - which I still think she could do better than Arie – but, like, I mean I just want to make it clear that I don’t wish her anything but happiness," she told Bigger on the podcast. If she saw Luyendyk, however, she'd still totally turn around and walk the other way.
Bigger said he had similarly cleared the air following his season of The Bachelorette with Rachel Lindsay, and that as long as it's genuine, it definitely couldn't hurt.
That's not the only thing Martinez has complicated feelings about. While everyone and their mother is crossing their fingers she'll appear on this season of Bachelor In Paradise, the 23-year-old still hasn't officially committed to the spin-off. However, she said she'll definitely get FOMO if she doesn't go, so things are looking up.
The one thing she's certain of, however, is that Becca Kufrin will make a great Bachelorette.
"She really went into our season with an open heart and an open mind," Martinez said. "And she didn’t go on it in this kind of contrived way, where she was like, ‘I’m here to find a husband,’ which is kind of weird to me. She went on just like, ‘Well, this will be a cool experience, and who knows, maybe I’ll find love.’ Which I think is the best way to go into it with. And I do not doubt that she’ll probably find her life partner on the season."
Listen to the full interview below!
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