Everything You Need To Know About Matthew Hussey, Millennial Dating Expert & Camila Cabello's Rumored Boyfriend

Matthew Hussey has one goal, and one goal only: He wants to help you — yes, you — find love. Well, if “you” happen to fit his target demographic, that is. Hussey’s bestselling book Get the Guy, paid online courses, five-day retreats, wildly popular YouTube channel, ABC web series called What to Text Him Back, and Cosmo column are all uniformly geared toward straight women seeking male partners for monogamous relationships.
Hussey has been very successful in his field, but a recent progression has nudged the 30-year-old Brit closer to the realm of celebrity. It's rumored this internet dating expert is dating Camila Cabello, singer and former member of Fifth Harmony. In February, Hussey and Cabello were pictured kissing in Mexico. About a month later, Cabello said she was “on cloud nine” about her new relationship in an appearance on the Dan Wootton Interview podcast.
Hussey has been in the business of grooming women to become man-seducing sirens since 2008. Prior to that, Hussey had actually worked as a dating coach for men. In an introduction video on his site GetTheGuy, Hussey explains why this makes him uniquely well-suited to give women advice. “I started with guys. I coached over 10,000 of them over a two-year period and learned just about everything there is to know about men...their behaviors with women, their innermost thoughts about what they want. In short, I learned what really attracts the best quality of men, and gets them hooked for good,” Hussey says. He started GetTheGuy to transmit his learnings in online content, books, live events, and home study programs.
Now, Hussey’s 1.2 million YouTube followers can tune in to hear his advice on various dating-related topics, packaged in the click-bait language of the Internet age, like: “The Number One Flirting Mistake Women Make With Men,” or the “Three Man-Melting Phrases That Make a Guy Fall For You.”
If a person wants to learn to “get the guy” by way of Hussey’s expertise, she has a few options. First, Hussey offers instant access programs available for purchase on his website. For seven dollars, for example, you can take the course entitled, “What Men Want: 7 Secrets To Pull Him Closer Instead Of Pushing Him Away.” Or, you can learn to get your ex-boyfriend to come running back to you by activating some “essential emotion” that all men allegedly possess. “Imagine waking up without that heavy ache in your chest that comes from being alone,” Hussey says in the course's introduction video.
More serious devotees can attend the five-day Matthew Hussey retreat, the next of which will be held this May in Florida. During this retreat, Hussey promises to deliver “a Blueprint for your ideal life” and “the Core Confidence to take action and create your ideal life.” Those who can’t attend the in-person retreat can partake in the online option, complete with 50 hours of video training.
According to his website, Hussey also has a host of in-person, private clients. This high-end roster includes “hedge-fund managers” and “Christina Aguilera.” But these sessions are not readily available, nor are they cheap. According to his website, an in-person, one-on-one dating advice session costs $10,000 an hour. But there is hope for those who cannot afford to drop ten grand on dating advice. Members who pay to be in Hussey’s “Fast Track to Mr. Right” community have access to monthly live interactive video sessions.
Does it seem a bit scammy? Does it matter? Cabello, after all, is buying his wisdom. "I love him. He's great. He gives good advice,” she said of Hussey’s advice back in Feburary, in conversation with Z100’s Elvis Duran. According to her recent interview with Dan Wootton, the relationship is going swimmingly. "I am really, really happy….I feel like I've never been happier in my life," she said.

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