Every Celeb Is Wearing This Glitter — & You've Never Heard Of It

Photo: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic.
There’s a meme making the rounds on Instagram that reads, “How to clean up glitter: 1) burn your house down 2) move 3) the glitter followed you. There’s no escape” And it’s not wrong. So when we started noticing an influx of the dopest, glittery-est makeup looks pop up on our favorite celebrities as of late, we were perplexed: Each look shows clean strokes of KiraKira+ shine only in the places where it was intended — without a wayward speck in sight. How the eff? Have celebrity makeup artists like Pati Dubroff and Fiona Stiles — who created recent sparkling looks for Margot Robbie and Katherine Langford, respectively — tapped into some newfangled form of glitter that magically stays put? It turns out, they have.
It’s from a brand called Lemonhead LA, which makes SpacePaste, SpaceJam Luxe, and other high-wattage glitter-packed formulas for body, face, and hair. “The amazing thing about the Lemonhead LA formula is there is no fallout like with loose glitters,” Dubroff says. “The clean up is also easy. After the gel drys, just use a spoolie or brush to flick away unwanted flecks. I will never use traditional loose glitter again.”
Stiles gives the brand similarly glowing reviews: “Since this glitter is encapsulated in the gel base, each piece is coated — unlike using a glitter adhesive with loose glitter — which is more hit or miss and it’s guaranteed to travel. I promise you, I’d never send a client off to a red carpet event using loose glitter. I’d be having multiple heart attacks,” she says.
Finally, a glitter makeup without a mind of its own? Sign us up. Ahead, see how makeup pros have mastered the most mesmerizing Lemonhead LA looks.

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