This Tiny Mindhunter Season Two Detail Could Be More Than A Red Herring

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
A casting call for Mindhunter season two on Project Casting suggests the show is looking for a new serial killer, specifically a redheaded one. The call asks for a number of model/actors, most of them run-of-the-mill, except for one very specific request. The call asks for an actor to play an "18-year-old caucasian male with medium short red or strawberry blonde hair and a 'baby face.'" The specifics of this — red hair plus a baby face — suggest this is a call for a new serial killer.
But wait. Mindhunter chronicles iconic serial killers, like Ed Kemper. Is red hair enough to indicate an iconic killer?
I'm so glad you asked! Turns out, there's actually one serial killing case called the "Redhead murders." In this case, though, the murderer was never caught, but the victims — there were at least seven — all had red hair, which may suggest that the killer themself had red hair.
Well, what if there's a serial killer who happens to be redheaded?
That's also what we wanted to know. So, after some digging, we found Eric Smith. As per the New York Daily News, Smith was thirteen years old when he strangled a 4-year-old boy in the woods. He has red hair and a baby face, even to this day. (He's up for parole once again in 2018.) The murder occurred in 1993, which is a few decades later than the events of the first season of Mindhunter. Season two of Mindhunter will reportedly examine the Atlanta child murders, which occurred between 1979 and 1981 in the Atlanta area. John E. Douglas, the man who wrote the book on which Mindhunter was based, worked on the Atlanta child murders.
Then again, the show is also slowly working its way through the BTK killer case, which spanned from 1974 to 1991. The BTK killer, whose name is Dennis Rader, wasn't caught until 2005, so it's plausible the second season could journey into the '90s. Plus, Smith has performed an on-camera interview about his crime, much like Ed Kemper, who appeared in the first season as played by Cameron Britton.
Who else is listed in the casting call?
Honestly, a number of serial killer-looking male models. The show needs one with "longish side swept hair" and one with "medium short side parted brunette hair" and two caucasian females with long hair (one blonde, one brunette).
Does this mean we know what will happen in season two of Mindhunter?
Absolutely not. I'm still not even sure I know what happened in the first season. What was up with that cat?

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