That Oscars Meme Made Jennifer Garner Want To Punch Something

Jennifer Garner is just as confused as you are about that Oscars meme. On The Ellen DeGeneres Show Thursday, Garner divulged that she genuinely has no idea what she was thinking when she looked abruptly horrified during the 2018 Academy Awards.
"I have no control over this," Garner said, gesturing at her face.
"You don't know what was going on?" DeGeneres asked.
"Not even at all," Garner replied. "We're standing. There's Chris Messina, there's Nicole — I don't know! What is wrong with me?"
She later added, "I wanna just punch her in the face," referring to the Jennifer Garner in the meme.
Garner garnered (ha) attention at the awards ceremony when, during enthusiastic applause, she gave a stunned look and stopped clapping. The reaction became a meme, as these things do, and the public began speculating why Garner looked so upset. One theory involved Garner realizing that Caleb Landry Jones is a provocative and brilliant creative force. (Disclosure: That was my theory.) Another involved Garner realizing she'd forgotten to take the chicken out to thaw.
Whatever it was, Garner soon clarified that she was also in the dark. On Instagram, she gave her own theories.
"Congrats to Shape of Water! Maybe I should date a fish?" Garner narrated on her Instagram story. "Can't wait to work with Lena Dunham," she said in another take. "Wait, did I sign a nudity waiver?"
The truth, as it were, is far less interesting than the theories. Garner's face just... fell limp. Without explanation. Garner doesn't know what happened. "I wish I did!" she told Degeneres. "I wish I had a better story about it."
So do we, Jennifer. So do we. Watch the full clip of Garner, below.

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